Welcome to my portfolio!

Take a peek around my digital space to see some of the things I've been working on. Please feel free to reach out to me as I'm always looking for interesting design opportunities, especially if they engage in concepts that center around designing for good. 

My current role

UI/UX Design


I am passionate about creative problem solving combined with applied empathy to design inclusive experiences. I believe in honest, transparent use of design that enables and empowers the human condition. I strive to be an advocate for craftsmanship, curious innovation and accessibility.


MY Background

Graphic Design

I spent years of undergraduate study, internships, and freelancing focused on branding, print, and packaging graphics. I see branding design as my first experience in telling a product or experience story. I am intrigued by the effectiveness of design basics including typographical hierarchy, contrast, and balance that have survived centuries and continue to impact technological fields.

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more work

WCAG Revamp

I'm also passionate about accessibility, usability, and methods of diversification that we can employ to empower users. When I'm not working or studying, this is one of the projects that I enjoy in my spare time for additional creative and personal fulfillment. 


other things i'm into

A few things I've drawn, designed, painted, or generally loved enough to capture in a photograph.